WordPress: Control metabox display state (collapse, show)

You can use the functions below to manipulate the display state of your metaboxes in the edit screen. Calling dd_open_metabox_by_default($postType, $metaBoxID) or dd_close_metabox_by_default($postType, $metaBoxID) will check the current display state of $metaBoxID and restored it to the default, if it is different. Other values are untouched and kept while updating. The metabox ID is the first parameter given in the add_meta_box() function. It can also be found as CSS #id of the metaboxes <div/> container.

There are also some similar but older scripts available I did not checked:

[1] http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/4381/make-custom-metaboxes-collapse-by-default

[2] http://surniaulula.com/2013/05/29/collapse-close-wordpress-metaboxes/

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